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Benefits, Drawbacks and Outcomes of Speech Therapy 

Speech Therapy – Desired Outcome 

The primary objective of the speech therapy is to enhance communication. Some of the objectives of speech therapy may include the following: 

Speech Therapy

  1. Improving the learning of language by language stimulation as well as the usage of language through positive reinforcements.
  2. Enhancing communication by helping the kid learn another way of communicating that may include augmentative communication devices, signing, gestures (the use of these alternative ways of communication may serve to improve speech development and not impair it).
  3. Enhancing fluency through breathing exercises.
  4. Enhancing communication between the body and the brain through auditory and visual aids such as tape recorders and mirrors.
  5. Enhancing coordination of speech muscles by coordination and strengthening exercises, sound imitation and repetition.

Every exceptional kid may have a various outcome which depend on his or her certain abilities and challenges. As a matter of fact, the length of time of speech-language therapy will depend on several factors such as the consistency of help of the family, severity of the problem and the consistency as well as frequency of the therapy session. 

What are the advantages of speech therapy to exceptional children? 

The main goal of the speech therapy offered by experts like the is to enhance skills which will allow your kid to communicate effectively. The following are some of the advantages of speech therapy: 

  • Fluent speech 
  • Improved voice quality 
  • Development of preliteracy skills 
  • Increased independence 
  • Greater self-esteem 
  • Better quality of life 
  • Improvement of practical social skills 
  • Improved safety and swallowing function 
  • Enhanced ability to solve problems in an independent environment 
  • Intelligible speech so that your exceptional kid is understood by others when he or she speaks 
  • Development in the ability to express and understand ideas, feelings and thoughts 
  • Achievement of maximum school readiness skills  

The ability to express yourself is very important. In addition to that, speech therapy can help your gifted kid achieve a better way to understand and use language, to express one’s self to the best extent possible and to communicate with others effectively. 

Delaying the speech therapy of your exceptional kid can put the kid at risk of missing vital windows of time between 0 to 3 years old when his or her brain is still learning and maturing happens fast. 

Drawbacks of Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy is a very time-consuming session for both the kid and parents. It is not enough to have all in the therapy session. In fact, the lessons from the therapy session should be carried out in the community, at home all throughout the week. This can put extra stress on the family trying to cope with the kid’s therapy routine. 

Aside from that, it may seem to bring more than it can give. Speech language pathologists or sometimes termed as speech therapists should work to choose the right communication plan for every child. Even though speech is the most desirable option by far, some kids might not easily get intelligible vocal speech, so other systems of communication should also be considered. This can be sometimes difficult for the families to accept the reality.